Prof. Tim Noakes Diet Plan

Professor Tim Noakes is a pride of Cape Town University and the author of more then 15 authentic books written on health and fitness, his medical research about diabetes is officially added in medical syllabus in many countries. He was also the first medical professor who confirmed the effectiveness of Dukan diet plan with few objections. Now a few days ago Tim Noakes just discover a new diet plan and he present his theory in the form of his upcoming book under the title of his own name.

What is Tim Noakes hydration?
Actually this is a guideline which is officially implemented in South Africa for all sports players, these rule are define by Prof. Tim Noakes and many doctors proof it that this guideline really help in staying hydrate during all kind of workouts, supports, running and all manual jobs.

What’s new in Tim Noakes diet?
Well this is an important question and Tim theory is also very different from all modern diet plans for a healthy living, in his new book he fully challenged to all modern diet plans like Atkins, Dukan, HCG, etc. Tim Noakes believe that these diet plans get popularity because they are shouting about a “Rapid weight loss” and every 3rd person in American society is the victim of obesity so people got a great attraction in these diet plans but in reality all these diet plans weak the immunity system by decreasing protein level from your body.

Tim Noakes diet plan insist only on two things first quite all the sugar made products including fizzy drinks, bakery products, energy drinks, ice cream candies, etc and start eating natural foods rich in protein like fish, meat, milk, dry fruits, cheese, etc.

Drawbacks of Tim Noakes diet:-
Generally we do not see any drawbacks or side effects of this meal plan but financially it is very hard to follow this diet plan because world economy is going down day by day and most of the people living on planet earth cannot for foods rich in proteins on the other hand it is easy to start eating low carb foods but both things are very important to fulfill the requirements of Tim Noakes diet plan.

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  1. Tim Tebow is his son and both of them are following each other workout and diet when they get tired from each other.



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