Angie Varona Measurements and Diet

Who is this cute looking girl Angie Varona? This question may definitely arrive in many minds, Does she is a next top model, a Hollywood actress or a host of some reality show? The answer is very simple, she does not belongs to any of these fields right know but on the other hand she is trying her best to get more and more attentions on the media and she is successfully gained a lot of popularity on Internet and local TV channels too. The story of Angie Varona: was started a year ago when she sends a lot of her bold pictures to her boyfriend and the naughty guy exposed all of her photos on the various social networks including MySpace and Facebook.

Angie Varona Wiki:-
There is not a Wiki page available about Angie Varona on the Wikipedia because she is not a celebrity but her pictures scandal expand a way for her to start a career as a model, she admit on her Twitter page that she is getting a lot of offers from various modeling agencies but I have to first complete my education.

Angie Varona: Measurements:-
Angie Varona: height is 5 ft 2 which is same to Kim Kardashian but her weight is 49 Kg only which is low to Kim. Angie Varona body measurements are 38-26-34 but her vital stats about her bra and cup size shown on bodybuilding site are bit funny.

Angie Varona diet and workout:-
We are inviting Angie Varona to share her slim and skinny body diet secrets and workout routine with or readers and her fans too.

Social sites: Yes you can access Angie Varona social page on Twitter and Facebook as well, her fans on her fansite are also increasing day by day.

Hobbies: Making new friends, enjoy friends gathering and self photography of her face and feet too.

Angie Varona facts: She commits suicide attempts due to her photos published on wrong sites. She mostly use computer at her cousin home and she mostly use MySpace there.

Boyfriend: Angie and Garry Sitarski dating photos can be seen on the internet so it can be assumed that, she has a boyfriend and through this guy she is trying to access a date with Justin Bieber too.

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  1. Trying to access a date with J.B., through her boyfriend? W.T.F.?



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