Tara Lynn Measurements

Tara Lynn is a Plus-size model, she started her career from Ford Modeling agency in New York and she is still their official model. She is also regularly appearing on local fashion shows and modeling videos of H&M, Vogue Italia Magazine, Evans and Lee. Tara and Bree Warren are beautiful big girls who know how attract the world without a skinny body.

Tara Lynn height is 5' 9" (175cm) and her estimated weight is 62 Kg. Tara Lynn body measurements are 38-32-46; no doubt she has ideal dimensions for plus-size women.
Diet secrets: Tara Lynn do not have any special diet plan, she only do a regular workout and exercises to flat her belly.

Plastic surgery: There is no official record available.

Fashion line: She mostly appears in undergarment ads

Boyfriend: She does not have time for this stuff.

Zodiac sign: She is a Virgo girl.

Favorite movie: No idea

Social media: May be she has a Twitter account, but we have no record of her official fan page.


  1. She is more beautiful then Canadian model Tara Lynn Wilson, what is her full name and please also post more photos of this model with plus size costumes.

  2. Your weight estimate is wayyyyy off. These are the kinds of things that make young girls weigh themselves and think they need to lose weight. My friend is 5'9" and 65kg and she wears a size 4-6. Tara Lynn is beautiful, but for that body type she'd have to be 5" tall to be 62kg. She is at least 75kg.



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