Melissa Rauch Measurement

Melissa Rauch was born in America but she is much famous in England and various other European countries due to her fantastic acting in various comedy shows like Big Band Theory, I Love you, True Blood and The Talk. In her real life she is a very sensitive and somewhat serious looking girl who likes to live with her family and friends without and troubles.

Melissa Rauch height and weight do not match with her body dimensions, you may surprised to know that she is only 5' (1.52 m) tall and her weight is 48 Kg only. Melissa Rauch body measurements are 36-27-35, does it sound funny? Well her bra size and her tiny waist is OK but the remaining part of her lower body is not getting fit her upper body.

Diet secrets: Melissa Rauch was a fat girl at the start of her acting profession but now she successfully loss 18 pounds weight by subscribing at Weight Watchers points program.

Plastic surgery: Melissa Rauch has a breast implants last year.

Fashion line: She like to wear short costumes with high heels.

Boyfriend: She is dating with Winston Beigel.

Zodiac sign: Her sign is Cancer

Favorite movie: The Big Bang Theory

Social media: She does not have a fansite but she regularly use Twitter, MySpace and Facebook accounts.

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  1. This picture of Melissa Rauch is very hot, I think its some party or awards celebration.



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