Fat Celebrities Who Lost Weight Fast

Being a celebrity is a hard task but remain a celebrity is much hard task. Celebrity is a title which is given to a famous person; a celebrity can be an actress, a politician, a sportsman or any person with some extra ordinary skills or qualities. All celebrities related to showbiz industry are more conscious about their outer look and body fitness, this is why plastic surgery, makeup techniques, weight loss programs are become a common thing among these celebrities.

In this entry we will give you some most prominent examples of showbiz celebrities who lost weight and become an encouraging example for their fans, these personalities are models, actresses and TV stars. Have a look at the stories of real fat celebrities before and after treatment.

Jennifer Hudson weight loss:-
She is basically a recording artist who works for various reality shows and also participates in the background recording of various Hollywood movies. Jennifer Hudson was a curry celebrity and her weight was 120 Kg but after joining Weight Watchers weight loss program she rapidly lost 102 pounds weight only in 3 months. She lost her weight without any plastic surgery and dieting pills.

Carnie Wilson weight loss:-
She is another American classical singer who rapidly gains weight after her first pregnancy and she also got some gastric problems with her fat belly. Carnie Wilson had weight loss surgery last year and her current weight is about 61 Kg only.

Beyonce weight loss:-
She is modern singer who was looking better in big body measurements but by following other skinny celebrities she also decided to reshape her fat body into a slim shape. Beyonce used a special lemonade detox diet plan for her weight loss and she lost more then 30 pounds weight in 2 months.

Rihanna's Weight Loss:-
Rihanna was not really a fat celebrity but she was very conscious about her body fitness too and at the age of 23 she started a special workout and diet program under the supervision of a Hollywood fitness expert and she successfully lost 12 pounds weight.

Ciara weight loss:-
Ciara is a fantastic actress who is still working in famous TV serials; she is also trying to get entry in Hollywood too. Ciara disclose her diet secrets for her weight loss in Oprah show and she admits that she was a fat girl in teenager but by changing her diet and life styles she rapidly loss 45 pounds weight only in one year. Ciara weight loss said “I did not use any weight loss pills or surgery; I only rely on a selective diet plan and a special workout routine”.

Nicki Minaj weight loss:-
Do you see Nicki Minaj before and after weight loss pictures on the internet? Well most of these photos are fake but it is also true that she gain weight in the mid of 2011 (may be she was pregnant at that time). Nicki Minaj does not give any hints about her weight loss in her quotes on Twitter page.

Besides these models and celebrities Sharon Osbourne, Tina Fey, Ralphie May, Star Jones Reynolds, Sammi Giancola, Megan Fox, Patti Austin, Brian Dennehy, Roseanne Barr, Charlize Theron are also good examples of weight loss celebrities.


  1. what about Oprah, she was a skinny celebrity but now getting fat like a balloon.

  2. Christian Bale and Heath Ledger can also be a part of this list of fat celebrities.

  3. Oh there is no actress from Bollywood, don't you miss fat Indian celebrities?

    1. I am also looking for top indian celebrities who lost weight, Kareena Kapoor and Adnan Sami are big examples for us.

  4. i want to lose weight to become a model. can anyone help me?



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