What Are Carrie Keagan Measurements?

Carrie Keagan is a power girl or a Superbad girl, this is a fun debate and teen guys at high school like to discuss Carrie Keagan gossip like her magical character in various TV serials and Hollywood movies like American Pie and Red Eyes, so the crazy guys don’t miss to put their remarks on her extra ordinary big body curves. Do you know what the exact measurement of Carrie Keagan is? Its 38-25-34 or she look like 39-24-35? I also want to clear one thing to our fans that Carrie Keagan does not have any connectivity with Silicon Valley or a plastic surgeon, hope you get my point directly in your sharp mind.

Carrie Keagan measurements:-
Carrie Keagan body size is 36-27-34
Carrie height is 5 feet and 8 inch with a weight of 54 Kg
Her feet or little bit big and her shoe size is 9
Her eyes color is blue with golden shaded curly hair

Carrie Keagan diet and workout:-
She is little bit confusing about sharing her diet secrets with her few of true fans, may be she is afraid to lose them by exposing her super duper meal plan. Carrie Keagan exercise and gym routine is also under cover right now but we know one thing sure about her that she is a very talkative person who wave her hands so fast during her talking session, this can be her workout routine.


  1. By reading Carrie Keagan wiki profile I come to know that most of the facts about her circulating on Facebook and other gossip sites are just rumors and far away from reality. Yes its also true that she had a breast implant and its a normal thing in our society.

    1. carrie has NOT had implants



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