How often should you poop a day?

Do you know how many times a day should you poop? Only few of you may know the correct answers because there are several rumors, myths and stories about pooping. The most common rumors that we listened about this topic are as follow. A normal man should go for a poop 3 times a day, some said two, some one and so on. The case of kids are quite different in reality because a new born baby normal routine for poop is 2 to 3 times in a week, if your kid is doing 3 to 4 poops in a single day then its also normal nothing to worry because new born babies are unconscious about pooping and this condition varies according to your kid health.

How many times should you poop a day to be healthy? The answer is it depends on your eating, according to Dr Oz a healthy person (both men and women) should go for a poop after 20 hours of eating a diet but the condition can be changed if you eat too much, eat very light or fasting. If you take your meal 3 times in a day then you must go for at least two times in a day for a poop.

If you eat something spicy in a large quantity or drink pure milk or butter after a long time then you may face a problem of frequent poops, it’s also normal if this condition ended in 10 to 12 hours.

How much should you poop a day?
Well this article may give you weird feelings but you cannot neglect the fact that eating digesting and pooping cycles are very important for your health. We are also not discussing any poop jokes here, its really an informative and health related issue. This blog is all about celebrities and you cannot deny the fact that your favorite celebrities also go to toilet for poop too. The answer of above highlighted question is also depending on how much you eat.

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