Angelina Jolie Diet Tips

Angelina Jolie diet tips are very simple and all her fans can count her favorite dishes and food recipes on their finger tips, she is the most versatile actress of Hollywood film industry, she never gave a birth to her own baby but she adopted a dozen of little cute kids from all races and religions from all around the world. She is a wife of famous Hollywood star Brad Pit and their couple is counted as an ideal celebrity couple. Angelina Jolie crossed 30 but still she is looking very young and slim, actually she knows how to maintain her body in a well shape.

Angelina Jolie is a black belt holder and most in her action movies she do not required and stunt lady to perform her action roles, at the age of 35 she is still very active like a teenager. She is a fashion icon for al Canadian and American women and her way of walking and smiling3is much appreciated by her fans.

Now lets discuss a little bit her diet and exercises, she believes that low eating and natural living is a key factor of long life. Do you know how many calories should you eat in 24 hours of a day? You must follow Angelina Jolie diet plan to reduce your belly and loss weight with natural foods, you can also read weight loss success story of Angelina for more inspiration and encouragement.

Angelina Jolie diet secrets:-
She preferred to use low fat diet in her every meal, she takes a heavy breakfast every morning and drink at least 2 glasses of pure milk early in the morning and after a walk of 15 minutes she eat some bread with cheese and boiled eggs. She said that she do not take lunch and also do shout for a lunch break at film shootings because she don’t take lunch normally but sometimes she like to take a glass of some fresh juice at lunch time. Angelina Jolie said that her dinner in incomplete with taco rice and fried chicken pieces.

Angelina Julie workout routine:-
Angelina Jolie six pack  in her action movie “Tom-Raider” surprised her fans and later in an interview with Oprah she tells a few great tips, she said that she started Yoga exercise to take her metabolism up for this hard action movie and in her free time do not miss cycling or playing some warm-up games like tennis or soccer.

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