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Livestrong is a health based website which provides free diet plans, weight lose idea, calorie counters, better lifestyle tips, etc. Livestrong was launched in 2002 from Bellevue, United States. 60% of Livestrong members are from US, 7% from India, 5% from Canada and 3% from England. Registration at Live strong is completely free and you can sign up for a free account just by giving a valid email. A registered member can post comments on every article published at and get a speedy feed back from nutrition experts.

MyPlate is another great free online tool from Live Strong that let you design your diet plan according to your age, height, weight and goal. My Plate calorie counter is an awesome dietary application which helps you to lose weight easily by selecting a diet plan from 1.5 million foods and 1500 fitness activities. MyPlate food diary also helps you to calculate your daily calorie burn and estimated progress in achieving goal.

Livestrong daily plate app is also available in Android marketplace and you can download calorie counter free application on your smartphone to utilize this tool any time anywhere. Live strong also assist you to setup a perfect workout routine and exercise plan according to your age and geographical location. You are just one step away to join this great free opportunity, join today and get benefit from My Plate online caloric calculator and also enjoy reading thousands of health shares from top nutrition experts.

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