Deepika Padukone Diet and Workout

Deepika Padukone is the tallest Bollywood actress; her height is 5 feet 10 inch and Deepika weight in only 49 kg. Deepika exposed her diet secrets in a famous reality show Koffee with Karan and she also gives some extra tips to her audience about how she cares her beautiful long legs. In this article we concise her interview for a better understanding so that you can easily get all the points related to Deepika Padukone diet and exercises. So here we go.

As you know Deepika Padukone is a busy film actress and she has a lot of burdened and pressure from various film directors. To complete her professional duties she makes a lot of travel inside and out side the India, during traveling it become very hard to maintain a healthy diet plan but Deepika Padukone is not an ordinary film actress, she do not compromise about her diet and fitness at any cost because she knows very well that her slim and attractive body shape plays an important role for her success in the industry.

Deepika Padukone Breakfast
Deepika Padukone begins her day with a fresh juice of oranges because she believe that orange juice enhance her face beauty and cut out all toxic materials from her body. She also like to drink milk with honey incase she don’t get an orange juice.

Deepika Lunch
She admit that she take a rough lunch most of the days, except her day at home. She mostly takes French fries, Pizza or some other fast foods during her lunch time.

Deepika said that she like to prepare her own night meal only when she stayed at home but during film shootings she take some vegetable soup or grilled chicken rice and she cannot get a well sleep without taking a hot tea.

Deepika Padukone Workout
Deepika said that she is completely failed to set up a perfect workout schedule, because she do not got enough time to do all this stuff. She admit that her workout routine is too much disturbed due to her busy profession but she like to do swimming and jogging when ever she got a free time.

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