Paula Patton Vital Statistics

Paula Patton starts her career in 2005 from a thriller TV series “Murder” and due to her extra ordinary acting talent now she is considering a top most talented actress of Hollywood. Her recent movie Ghost Protocol with Tom Cruise also made a big success on box office and her upcoming movies “2 Guns and Mission Impossible 5”may also play an important role to enhance her popularity.

Paula Patton vital stats:-
Paula Patton body measurements are 34-23-33 with a height of 5 ft 7.25 in (171 cm) and 53 Kg weight.

Boyfriend: Paula is dating with singer Robin Thicke and both of them already exposed their secret relationship and they may also get marry in the start of 2013.

Hobbies: She is a good chess player and in her free time she like play online chess games.

Paula Patton diet and workout:-
We are trying to access her all diet secrets and workout routine, we will share with you all the information very soon.

Fansite: Paula Patton does not have any official website but she like to make contact with her fans through social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Hot Charlize Theron Diet & Measurements

Whenever we talk about South Africa the name of African continent beauty queen Charlize Theron blinks in our mind and why not? She is a true legend of big screen, she is also a role model for modern women because she is the first Hollywood actress who starts adoption, she adopted orphans and prove her self a good governess as well. Charlize Theron upcoming movies Hancock 2 and Mad Max Fury Road are the most awaited movies of her fans.

Charlize Theron vital statistics:-
Charlize Theron body measurements are 36-24-36 and her cup size is obviously 36B, her height is 5′ 9½” or 177 cm and her current weight is just 57 Kg.

Famous for: She is famous for adoption and her good sense of humor.

Diet secrets and workout:-
If you watched her movie “Monster” in 2003 then you may cannot made a comparison between her today look and her body vital stats in Monster movie. She gained 30 pounds weight for her special role in the movie but soon after the movie she reduced her weight once again only in 3 months, do you know how she made that possible? She was a good athlete in her high school and won many competitions and she used her workout talent for her weight loss. She is a big fan of Tim Noakes and she followed her diet tips in her everyday diet, she beloved that this diet keeps her fit and slim.

Fashion spot: Charlize Theron fashion styles and her dressing is a fashion icon indeed, I also like her curly hair styles very much.

Fansite: You can follow Charlize Theron on her Twitter page and she also like to reply her fan tweets on her page.

Monica Bellucci Measurements

Monica Bellucci was born in a middle class family in Italy and she really worked hard in her young age, she beard her study expenses by doing part time jobs in local fashion shows and her part time jobs become the reason for her entrance in showbiz industry. She starts her true professional journey from modeling and now is a world famous model and actress as well. She starts her acting career in 1990 from a local drama serial. Monica Bellucci most famous movies are Malena, Matrix and Irreversible.

Monica Bellucci vital statistics:-
Monica Bellucci body measurements are 35C-24-35, but some resources also exposed that her actual measurements according to her recent dress size is 36-25-36. Monica height is 5' 8" (1.73 m) and her current weight after her recent weight loss is now becomes 53 Kg only.
Hobbies: - Monica likes to help needy people and she is a member of many social organizations in Italy for helping poor people.

Monica Bellucci diet and workout:- She is 40 plus attractive woman and also doing plus size modeling for various international brands and she told her fans that she cannot live without midstream diet plan and at the time when she was lived with her parents in Italy she also learned some very good recipes of midstream foods, she also believed that this food is full of energy and also keep her safe from obesity and fat tummy as well. She also love cycling early in the morning and in evening she like to swimming in her swimming pool for at least 1 hour, she said swimming is the best workout and best suited exercise for her.

Facebook fan page: Monica build a fansite on her Facebook fan page where she upload her quotes and beautiful photos for her fans time to time.

Celebrity Kim Kardashian Most Ugly Photos

Kim Kardashian is not a super model and not a Hollywood actress too but she is much famous then thousands of Hollywood celebrities, she is an ordinary reality TV star who is doing an ordinary fun show with the corresponding of her real and step sisters. Her reality shows also got a low rating on all TV channels but still she is very popular as Oprah, do you exactly know what the secret of Kim Kardashian popularity is? She has no shame at all and she do not mind to date with little Justin or Big NBA stars, her aim is to get a headline especially on Yahoo entertainment page and receiving million of humiliating comments about her haters and fans too.

On this page we are going to show you top ten real photos of Kim Kardashian taken from her routine life, in few photos you will see her without makeup too and you will find out what she exactly look in these photos without make up.

In the comments form below we want your real remarks about Kim, does she really look like a model or just a funky overage celebrity? We collected these pictures from various online sources under the title of Kim Kardashian ugly photos but we cannot give any personal comments about her face or measurements, her vital stats were already discussed in our previous post, but we will not stop you to shout out loudly here, so here we go to judge superficial level of Kim Kardaishan.

Oh mom I just lost my 3rd husband too...

Who is she?

She may forget to wash her face this morning and going out for shopping with an oily face.

Can you cry like this?

This is a clear proof of how much Kim Kardashian like black color.

She is highly impressed from Lady Gaga

She can perform good acting in some horror movies, am I right?

I bet she is doing random video chat at Omegle.

Can you open your mouth wide like Kim Kardashian? Open mouth for 5 minutes constantly is the secret of my flat belly.

She will definitely  no need of scary mask for Halloween.

Kim Facebook fans jusr play some photoshop tricks on her face and make her smile most attractive.

She is trying to look like a fairy but in fact she is much closer to a devil look.

India Eisley Vital Stats

India Eisley is a cute looking girl who also got a rank 20 on IMDB in the list of most beautiful actresses under 30. Her mother Olivia Hussey introduced her in Hollywood in 2005 and she performed excellent role in several super hit movies including Underworld: Awakening, She is also very popular for her leading role in ABC drama series The Secret Life of the American Teenager. People like due to her stylish British accent, she said that she like English literature and pure English accent is indeed British accent.

India Eisley measurements:- 
India Eisley body measurements are 32-27-34 and her height and weight is still increasing and may be she will grow taller until she reached at 21, her current height is 5' 3" (1.60 m) and her weight is 48 Kg only. She wears a 7 number shoe in her feet and looks like a doll with her natural green eye color. India Eisley may got a different vital stats in 2013. So you may wait for the next year to find her new vital stats with her new movie.

Boyfriend: She does not have any dating profile yet, but may be she got a secret boyfriend as well.

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Hobbies: Reading is her passion and she also write poems during her free time.

Fashion line: She likes to wear latest fashion dresses and costumes launched by Forever21 and Victoria’s Secret.

India Eisley diet plan: India Eisley diet secrets can be read by anyone on her Facebook profile page, mostly she update her Facebook status with her favorite food items. She is gaining weight and she need a good weight loss program for an attractive curvy body.

Fansite: India Eisley use her Wiki page on her social profiles including Twitter and Facebook as well.

Side Effects of Qnexa Diet Pill

Qnexa diet pill is claimed to the final and sure solution of obesity, Vivus company claim that it will benefit 72 million American citizens who are facing obesity. If we read Qnexa reviews on health sites, we can observe that it works like a miracle for fat people and give unbelievable results in a short time. Qnexa annual sale only in United States is more then 12 billions $, it clearly shows its massive demand in the market. Also keep in mind that FDA still do not approve this medicine as a risk free diet pill and Qnexa approval file is still under testing procedure. In 2010 FDA rejected Qnexa but now the company claims that they make it more useful and less risky (company do not provide Qnexa side effects list till to date).

Qnexa on Wikipedia:-
There is no official page is available about Qnexa on Wiki site but if you make a inside search for Qnexa on Wikipedia site then the search results show it under “Anti-obesity medication” page with a detail that it is made up from two famous weight loss drugs topiramate and phentermine, these are the same diet pills which caused several deaths in 1967 due to their major side effects on liver and kidney.

Benefits of Qnexa diet pill:-
We agree that it is the top diet pill for a fast weight loss available in the market and online drug stores; you can also buy Qnexa from an online order too. Qnexa diet pill work in two ways, it decrease your natural appetite and also start burning extra fat from your body in the same time. A regular use of Qnexa let you lose one percent of your body weight in seven days, it means if your weight is 100 pounds then you can lose up to 4 pounds weight in one month. Unlike other diet pills it also do not demand for a strict diet plan but it limited the use of sugar and fat rich foods in your daily diet plan.

Qnexa diet pill side effects:-
It decrease natural appetite and you may face general weakness in your body.
Qnexa put bad effects on women fertility.
Its regular use may cause high blood pressure problem.
It also slow down the kidney function and it may put bad affect on people with renal problems.
It increase sugar level in blood and its use is dangerous for diabetic patients.
FDA advisory board rejects Qnexa due to these side effects.

Qnexa is used by many famous personalities including TV and Hollywood celebrities but these are rich people and they have a lot of money to treat their health issues and overcome side-effects by hiring specialists but for an ordinary person cannot afford such things, so the better idea for all common obese men and women is to use a natural diet plan like Atkins, Dukan, Kinovelax, Scarsdale diet etc. These are natural diet plans and do not put any side effect on your body and also do not decrease your natural appetite and you start loosing weight without loosing your energy.

Freida Pinto Measurements

Freida Pinto was an ordinary girl who was living in a urban area of India and doing short showbiz jobs like modeling for local brands and also perform at local stage plays too, but now she is a Hollywood superstar and also an Oscar award winning actress too. Her success story was started when she get selected for a leading role in the movie Slum dog Millionaire, fortunately that movie made a record business worldwide and also win dozens of Golden Globe and Oscar awards too, since that time Freida Pinto get several offers from Hollywood directors and Bollywood directors as well and she also appeared in many other hit movies like Rise of planet Apes, Immortals, Black Gold, etc.

Freida Pinto measurements:-
Freida Pinto body measurements are 32-26-34 with an ideal height; she is 5' 6" (1.68 m) tall with a weight of 50 Kg only.
Boyfriend: She had an open affair with young actor Dev Patel but after break up with Dev she starts dating with Rohan Antao.

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Hobbies: She like comic book and also like painting.

Fashion Spot: After her first successful movie she starts modeling for various Indian and American clothing brands.

Freida Pinto diet plan: She belongs to an Indian Hindu family and followed a pure vegetarian meal plan; she is also connected with Atkins diet plan also.

Fansite: You can follow on her Twitter account and ask her mobile number for chit chat.


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